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[icon] Notes: Jacker, Black Flag of Anarchy 1. - The World Through Green Almond Eyes
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Subject:Notes: Jacker, Black Flag of Anarchy 1.
Time:02:05 am
Corinne Jacker. T Black Flag o Anarchy: Antistatism in t United States. Charles Scribner's Sons, NY. 1968.

2 natural man v. civilized man

3 Georg W. F. Hegel - hist of wrld is prog in conc o freedom
Influence o Darwin: "For t anarchist, mutual aid n freedom r evol advances; he believes tht soc is evolving to an anarchistic condition tht is its highest form."

4 * both evolutionary n anti-civ, anti-tech mentality

4-6 Mutualism. Wm. Godwin (1756-1836). "Enquiry Concerning Polit Justice, 1793.
5 Pierre Joseph Proudhon. "What Is Property?" 1840.

Leo Tolstoy, Xtn anarchism, pacifism.

7 Collectivist anarchism, anarcho-communism: communal property owned by voluntary collectives of workers
Italian Enrico Malatesta,
Russians Mikhail Bakunin - communes based on Russ peasant villages
Peter Kropotkin - medieval small village

comm anarch most pop in low-indust S Eur: It, Sp, Fr

10 Anarcho-comm brought to US late 19th c. by immigrants
Emma Goldman, Alexander Berkman, Johann Most
anarcho-syndicalism, early 20th. c, based on urban proletariat, trade unions instead o peasants

ch. 2 Origins of Anarch Philos

13 Gr - Zeno ( 336-264 BC) founder Stoicism. Opposed Plato's Utopian state. * Balance btwn 2 basic hmn motives, self-interest & common good. egaitarian, gvtless community
Aristippus (430 BC), fnded Cyrenaic sch, student o Socrates

14 14th c. BCE - breakdwn o feudal order, beginning o mobile labor, saleable land, capital investmnt

15-6 Eng Civ War, 1642-9.
1649 - Clergyman Gerrard Winstanley advocated ppl claimng vacant land. He & his followers took ovr some "waste territory" & wr arrested by king's men 1650.

16-7 Calvinism - regarded state as corrupt bt imposed strict rlg laws

Massachusetts Commonwealth, charter 1629. authoritarian.
Roger Wms, dissident, exiled 1635, founds RI.
23 Williams. "Letter to the Town of Providence"" "liberty & equality, both in land & govt."

18-21 Anne Hutchinson & Antinomians. 1638, banished from MA & move to Aquidneck, RI
1637 - MA Alien Act restricts immig to keep out potential troublemakers. Act of 1903 prohibited anarchists.

25 Frontier, pioneers - individualism, self-reliance, anti-authoritarian, mut aid

ch 4. Amer Rev

27 Founding Fathers many anti-statist ideas. Samuel Adams, Thom. Paine, B Franklin, Jefferson, Alex Hamilton

1729 B Franklin, "A Modest Inquiry into t Nature & Necessity o a Paper Currency" 1st mention o labor thry o value." Copied by Josiah Warren, "cost limit o price", Adam Smith Wealth o Nations.

30 Thom Paine born in Norfolk, Eng of Quaker family. Settled Amer 1774. anti-statist, met Wm. Godwin after Rev.

31 T Jefferson - b. in frontier region of Blue Ridge Mts, VA. Admired NA tribalsim & believed govt nec only in lrg pop.

33 Federalist Papers, Hamilton & Madison. Gov't coercion nec only b/ hmn sinfulness.

34 * Jacker thinks Amer Anarch did not provide for lrg pop, urbanism & advanced tech
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[icon] Notes: Jacker, Black Flag of Anarchy 1. - The World Through Green Almond Eyes
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